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The North East Ferret Rescue is focused on providing a to take in unwanted and abandoned ferrets, to rehabilitate them and them . We've been doing this for over ten years now and have recently had the 1000th ferret through the rescue. We hope you can everything you need.
If you've lost or found a ferret please look here !
We are based at Prudhoe, in the Tyne Valley, Northumberland.  If you are interested in rehoming a ferret then please get in touch and we can arrange a visit. We are available Saturday and Sunday 10am-3pm for visits
*by appointment only*.
Latest News
We are open again for rehomings only until we can create space to take in more strays/unwanteds.
Please check out our new website for more up to date information.
Due to a case of confirmed canine distemper in a ferret at the rescue we are quarantined until further notice, unable to take in or rehome any ferrets. The show booked for 19th October has been cancelled.
All ferrets at the rescue that can be vaccinated are, so the disease appears contained at the moment with no further symptoms appearing. Will update as news of the re opening becomes available

If you a ferret and do decide to take it on please ensure it isn't micro-chipped and there's not a concerned owner waiting for its return.  This can be done at any vets or by ourselves.
Please bear in mind we are very full at present but will try and assist where possible.
However we do have many beautiful ferrets here ready to go to new homes.  Some require an experienced owner, others are perfect for first time ferret owners but don't worry, we wont let you go with an animal you aren't comfortable with.
As ever we'll be out and about this year so keep an eye on the events page to see where we'll be.
Please a found ferret to us, in case we have owners looking for them.  If you've found a ferret, some advice can be found here.
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We look forward to hearing from you, especially if you are considering giving several of our lovely ferrets a .
Not every home should have a ferret but every ferret should have a home!
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